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1. 90 Minute Flight Simulator Experience in Lancashire | Red Letter Days Popular
The ideal experience for all those who've ever wondered what it really feels like to control one of the biggest commercial jumbo jets available today, this 90 minute flight simulation for one can be customised and teaches real piloting techniques. Be met and welcomed with refreshments by the instructor, a trained commercial pilot, before sitting together to plan the route: choose to fly by day or by night, from a local or international airport and in any weather conditions, from bright sunshine to snowstorms. Then, get a briefing on the genuine Boeing controls, set up in a cockpit in front of a 180 degree wraparound screen with excellent graphics, before accelerating down the runway, taking to the skies and flying for a full hour!

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2. Flight Simulator Experiences | Red Letter Days Popular
Simulators offer the thrill of flight without leaving the ground. At Red Letter Days we have a vast range of simulator options to suit every high flyer. Choose to take off and land from a choice of popular airports, as if flying a commercial plane. There's even the chance to take the controls of a Eurofighter Typhoon Jet simulator - the closest thing to being a Top Gun pilot while still on the ground. Let your inner pilot fly!

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