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1. Extended Microlight Flying - Multiple Locations | Red Letter Days Popular
A trip on one of these nippy, lightweight little microlights is about as close as it gets to being a bird. It's a thrilling experience which requires steady nerves and a head for heights! Start with a short briefing from a qualified instructor, before hopping into a dual-controlled microlight. There are two types of microlight: 'flex wing', based on the frame of a hang glider; or 'fixed wing', which is similar to a traditional light aircraft. Get immersed in the speed and manoeuvrability of this little craft, and during the flight, the instructor will hand over the controls. If you get a taste for it, the flying time can count towards a microlight Private Pilot's Licence.

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2. Extended Microlight Flying in Nottinghamshire | Red Letter Days Popular
Hop aboard a nippy, lightweight microlight for a thrilling aerial adventure above the Nottinghamshire countryside. Begin with a briefing from a qualified instructor before boarding a dual-controlled flex-wing microlight for the flight. Based on the frame of a hang glider, this little craft is capable of surprising speed and manoeuvrability. During the flight, the instructor may even hand over the piloting duties so you can experience the microlight's amazing capabilities first-hand.

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3. Extended Microlighting in Devon | Red Letter Days Popular
Take to the skies in a speedy, feather light microlight for a sensational aerial experience. Start off with a concise briefing, before stepping into a dual-controlled microlight and ascending to the skies. This fixed wing microlight is akin to a conventional light aircraft, ensuring safety at altitude. Once airborne, enjoy the incredible velocity and agility of the nippy craft and take over the controls with an instructor offering tips and guidance every step of the way. This particular flight can count towards a Private Pilot Licence for anyone who wishes to take their flying further.

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