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1. Wingwalking in Gloucestershire | Red Letter Days Popular
Proving that the sky truly is the limit, this intoxicating wingwalking experience in Gloucestershire provides even the most daring of adrenaline junkies with the thrill of a lifetime. Before taking to the skies, receive a full safety briefing with a highly experienced wingwalker, including a demonstration on how to climb up and down from the wing and how to operate the harness system. Then it's time for take-off! Strap in and prepare to be blown away (not literally!), as an experienced pilot carries out a series of flypasts, zoom climbs, steep dives and banks, reaching breath-taking speeds of up to 150mph. Feeling confident? Attempt a few glamorous poses to impress the spectators below! Take home a t-shirt and video of the flight on a USB stick.

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