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1. Archery and Axe Throwing for Two at Hazlewood Castle, North Yorkshire Popular
The venerable arts of axe throwing and archery may no longer be required for keeping marauders out of castles, but they're still brilliant fun and a great test of technique. Travel back in time to Hazelwood, where friendly, professional instructors will welcome and introduce participants of all levels to the techniques required to hit the target with either weapon. Then get ready for exciting archery and axe throwing games with fellow participants, before a grand finale in both sports. Hit the apple perched precariously on Susie the mannequin's head with a bow, and then hit a very special target with the Tomahawk axe and find out just how much has been learned!

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2. Archery, Air Rifle and Clay Shooting for Two | Riseley, Bedfordshire Popular
Under the tuition of your own fully qualified instructor, archery is first up and, having learnt the basics, you will be sure to be hitting the target with the precision of one of Robin Hood's merry men! It's then off to the range where, after getting to know your rifle, you will attempt to shoot a variety of targets from various distances - all great fun and guaranteed to whet your appetite for the final discipline of your experience, clay shooting. Following full instruction from your instructor you will be given a large amount of shots to share between you and pretty soon the chances are you will be picking off clays left, right and centre with the precision of a hardened sharp shooter.

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3. Half Day Target Sports Experience in Kent Popular
Dating back to the middle ages, the bow, crossbow and throwing axe were historically used in combat. Now, however, they are used for competitive target sports adopted across the world. Join a group of up to six people on this award-winning half day course and learn the basics of four unique target sports. Put some welly behind it and give axe throwing a shot, then make like Robin Hood and have a go at field archery, target archery and crossbow shooting. Seek expert advice from the trained instructors, in order to master the right technique and perfect shot. Situated in a secluded woodland setting, the course boasts a number of challenging 3D targets and other marks, set out at varying ranges for target practice. Hit that bullseye!

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