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21. Afternoon Tea For Two (UK Wide), Popular
The perfect opportunity to experience a deliciously British tradition with a choice of elegant locations. Choose from a hand-picked selection of hotels in Yorkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, West Sussex and Northumberland, each offering their own take on this tasty afternoon treat. What's provided does vary from venue to venue but will include the classic elements of dainty finger sandwiches, sweet cakes, fresh scones with cream and jam and, of course, a choice of tea and coffee. A great idea for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, but is also perfect for making a standard day a little bit special.

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22. Afternoon Tea | Red Letter Days, Popular
Be spoilt for choice, since we offer more afternoon tea locations than you can shake a cucumber sandwich at. Will you pile cream onto fresh scones on the North Cornish coast, ponder over fruit preserve in a Welsh castle or add a cheeky glass of champagne on board an Edinburgh tour bus? When, celebrating, make it extra special by adding champagne, prosecco, cava or sparkling wine.

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23. Wine Tasting & Vineyard Tours,
Learn how to quaff like an expert on a delicious wine tasting experience from Red Letter Days - a great gift idea for any occasion. Enjoy a cosy indoor wine tasting session or go out on a vineyard tour into the countryside, to see how wine is made. Wine connoisseurs can even learn how to blend wine and experience how to make cheese in the traditional way. Alternatively, why not get away from it all with an overnight wine tasting break in tranquil surroundings? From Valentine's Day treats to birthday surprises, we have a number of wine tasting experiences that are sure to impress.

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24. Archery, Air Rifle and Clay Shooting for Two | Riseley, Bedfordshire, Popular
Under the tuition of your own fully qualified instructor, archery is first up and, having learnt the basics, you will be sure to be hitting the target with the precision of one of Robin Hood's merry men! It's then off to the range where, after getting to know your rifle, you will attempt to shoot a variety of targets from various distances - all great fun and guaranteed to whet your appetite for the final discipline of your experience, clay shooting. Following full instruction from your instructor you will be given a large amount of shots to share between you and pretty soon the chances are you will be picking off clays left, right and centre with the precision of a hardened sharp shooter.

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25. Golf Lessons, Popular
For the golf enthusiast keen to improve their game or those new to the golfing world, we have a great range of golf breaks and lessons available. Our golf experience days will give anyone the chance to perfect their swing and they'll soon be putting like a pro in no time. No matter how much experience you've previously had, our golf tuition days will provide you with tips and advice to reduce your handicap. There's also the chance to play on some of the best golf courses in the UK. Alternatively, if you don't fancy heading out on to the fairways, indoor golf experiences allow you to play a round or two on some of the world's leading courses without even leaving the room!

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26. Brewery Tours and Beer Tasting,
Are you looking for a gift for someone who enjoys a tipple? Then let them discover what goes into the perfect pint with a beer tasting experience from Red Letter Days. Our brewery tours and beer tasting gift days are a fantastic option for any occasion, whether you'd like to get away from it all on a weekend break or simply want to enjoy a fun day out. Choose from breweries including Sadler's Brewery, Wadworth Brewery and many venues around the UK, or combine a beer tasting day with a tour of some of the most historic pubs in London. Whichever of our beer tasting gourmet gifts you choose it's sure to go down well.

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27. Skydiving & Parachute Jumps | Red Letter Days, Popular
Have you always wanted to jump out of a plane from 10,000 feet? Or perhaps you know somebody who would love to do so? For the ultimate adrenaline rush, it's hard to beat a truly mind-blowing skydiving experience. A parachute jump is so completely unbelievable; there are simply no words to describe it, making it a fantastic gift experience for any occasion. Climb into a plane and head up to the skies before taking the plunge for around 30 seconds of freefall - an exhilarating experience to remember. Don't forget to keep your eyes open to admire the breathtaking view below as you float back down to earth. Bring nerves of steel and buckets of bravado for an incredible skydiving experience.

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28. 7,000 feet Tandem Skydive in Peterborough, Popular
Get into your jumpsuit, strap on those goggles and board the aircraft. This is a fantastic experience where you will feel the thrill of jumping from a plane door at a height of up to 12,000 feet. Enjoy the unique sensation of free fall before that all important moment when your parachute is deployed and it’s time to slow down and take in the spectacular scenery below you. There’s not much to worry about, you will be strapped to a qualified and experienced instructor the whole time so you can relax and enjoy the ride. Bring along some friends so they can witness you take on this unusual opportunity to display your adventurous side.

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29. 30 Minute Helicopter Sightseeing Tour of London for Two | Red Letter Days,
Board a Long Ranger or a Twin Squirrel helicopter for a sightseeing trip of our capital city. These special craft can travel straight up, backwards, sideways, or hang motionless. Following the Thames at 1,500 feet, relish a unique view of iconic buildings such as the O2 arena, Tower Bridge, The London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. Whether these buildings are familiar or not, enjoy the experience of seeing London in a whole new way.

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30. Up at The O2 Climb Experience for Two,
Swap solid ground for city heights with a spot of urban mountaineering. Up at The O2 is a chance to scale the iconic O2 Arena and look out over Greenwich and beyond from a unique perspective. Get kitted out in a comfy climb suit, boots and harness, and watch a video as part of the safety briefing. Then begin the ascent, using the special walkway to climb ever higher, and ensuring safety by attaching the harness to the support rail. The friendly climb guides are there for support every step of the way. Reach the top of The O2 and survey the surroundings from a platform suspended 52 metres above ground level. Depending on the time slot chosen, witness the landscape in bright daylight, romantic sunset or glittering twilight). Don't forget a camera!

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From: Adrenaline/Climbing Experiences

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